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Mass/Emergency Notification System Design & Consulting

The installation of fire alarm and mass/emergency notifications systems can have a significant impact in preserving life safety within schools, campuses and organizations.  Systems can now be utilized to announce multiple risks such as fire, weather related emergencies, active shooters and hazardous material spills.  With the ever-changing world of technology that follow Common Alerting Protocols (CAP) and the use of Application Programming Interfaces (API), the sky is the limit on what technologies an organization can couple into their mass notification system.

How EPS Can Assist

Mark Bagby has experience of building and consulting on simple to complex mass/emergency notification systems (MNS/ENS).  The system designed for Washington University in St. Louis was bestowed with two national awards.  Mark has pushed the envelope of what technologies can be combined, by bring industry professionals together, to configure a robust MNS/ENS to alert and protect your organizations employees, students or visitors.

We can assist is developing your organization’s MNS/ENS policy and procedures, design your system, evaluate systems that are already in place to determine if they can be used as part of the system, develop notification templates, implement training and create a testing plan.

We also closely partner with low voltage and acoustic engineers that can assess your access control, security and camera systems.

Develop ENS Policy, Training & Testing Documentation

EPS will facilitate the development of your emergency notification system policy, training standards and testing documentation that follows best practices and the Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008.  This facilitation will include actively working with your core planning team to accomplish the following:

  • Facilitate the development of an emergency notification system policy
  • Facilitate the development of training standards for those that have authority to authorize a message and for those that have access to send a message
  • Facilitate the development of a testing document that can be used for monthly, quarterly and/or each semester to testing the ENS

Emergency Notification System Integration Design & RFP Assistance              

EPS will facilitate the re-design of your ENS, write the Request for Proposal (RFP) for components and assist in the evaluation of proposals received.  This process will include:

  • Facilitate the re-design of the ENS
  • Facilitate the drafting of the RFP
  • Assist in publishing the RFP
  • Facilitate the evaluation process based on proposals received