Make preparations in advance–You never have trouble if you are prepared for it

Emergency Management Plan & Program Review/Development

A comprehensive emergency management program is made up of several related pieces:  emergency operations plan, crisis management, crisis communications and mass notification.  Too often, organizations create a simple tactical response plan, without planning out the program as a whole.  This is the equivalent of building a company or department without a business plan.

Creating an emergency management program is not a one-time endeavor that gets put in a binder, put on the shelf and collects dust.  It is a living program that must be monitored and updated as the organization changes and as hazards change or are mitigated against.

How EPS Can Assist

EPS can personnel can assist in developing a top-notch emergency management program based on best practices.  They are Certified Emergency Managers and industry professionals that will develop a strong foundation or enhance what your organization has started.  We can also come in and assess your current program and identify strengths and gaps in your program and your emergency operations plan.